What looks like ‘Shingles’ is not necessarily shingles! I had long forgotten that I had shingles when I was approximately seven/eight years of age. Quickly came and just as quickly went. The outbreak started on the small of my back; although unpleasant not pain to remember.

It happened again just recently. I had a stress free life and enjoyed good health and independence. I am just glad I didn’t know the date Satan would take his revenge on me for writing on God’s behalf. It came quickly and I didn’t know what had happened to me until it was all over, apart from the recover, which is still underway.

Right from the start (see sequel number two) I was aware that Satan knew what I was doing and he didn’t like it. I also believed, and still believe, I was and am under God’s protection. This time, however, I believe God wanted me as a witness, with direct experience of knowing how Satan can strike a person down in a most painful way.

We have all witnessed Satan’s methods in cutting people down: Knives, bullets, bombs etc. With me he used a VIRUS to strike me down in a very painful way to the point that I wanted to die.

It all started in a simple innocuous way when I felt that I was developing a toothache in my right lower jaw. On Saturday l3th June I went to see a doctor in the walk-in surgery and asked for an antibiotic, explaining that I believed an infection was building up in a tooth and that if it became necessary to extract the tooth, the infection should be dealt with first. In the meantime I made a dental appointment for Tuesday 16th June.

On the 16th June the dentist x-rayed the tooth and said there was no sign of an infection in the tooth; she tapped the tooth firmly and the one next to it. No pain. A sign the pain was emanating from another source. By this time the pain had shifted to my right inner ear. I decided to continue taking the antibiotic, and painkillers. The pain grew worse over the following three days and nights. I could not sleep and wished for death. I had already made an appointment with my doctor for the following week but couldn’t wait. Instead I went to the walk in surgery on Saturday 20th June. Fortunately, my regular doctor was on duty that day. By this time the right side of my face had swelled up and blistered until my right eye was almost closed. The worst pain was in my inner ear and the doctor said the ear was filled with blisters. He arranged for me to be admitted into hospital straight away.

In the acute assessment ward at the Middlesex Hospital I was put on a drip for antibiotics and painkillers. Visitors were not allowed near my bed. By Sunday morning the pain had reduced considerably, but I was kept on antibiotics until Wednesday morning; that afternoon I was discharged, with a large quantity if anti viral tablets, eye drops and ear drops.

The recovery period is taking longer than I anticipated. The follow up appointment with the ENT unit is awaited within the next week or two or three. My face and ear is still quite painful. There is no truer saying than ‘our good health is our wealth’.

At its worst, I felt death would be a release. But not at my own hands; this was best left in God’s hands. As Jesus Christ suffered and suffers for us, we can hardly begrudge him a bit of suffering in return. Suffering is purification for the soul, and forgiveness leads to purification for the soul.

The way I see things: If Satan did manage to see me off the planet, I could hardly complain about getting to Heaven sooner than I expected!.


RMF July 2015.