Double Sequel

Satan is a despot and he does not like what I have written on God’s behalf to expose him.

It had crossed my mind that Satan would be in a rage at what I was writing, but that God was in charge so I had nothing to worry about, until I realised that God would want me to witness the result of this work, so he allowed Satan to do what Satan does best. The complete article was erased, leaving a blank screen where the cursor could not be moved up or down. Try as I might I could not retrieve the lost ’saved’ material. I enlisted some help from three other people who were more experienced than I on computers. All three failed to retrieve my material and came to the conclusion it was lost for good. At this point I did not consider it would be wise to voice my thoughts, considering they did not even know what I had written!

Giving up was not an option. Fortunately I had kept a copy, which meant I could start re-writing in sequence as before. This time God would really be in charge!


March, 2012.