Love your neighbour as yourself

This year is the tenth anniversary of the creation of this website.

When I first realised what GOD wanted me to do (see first sequel) I had to find a web designer to build what was necessary and acceptable. After that, it was simply a matter of writing what the Holy Spirit prompted, and Posting it on the website.

I  believed God had a purpose, but I did not know what the purpose was. Over the past ten years, I have also learned of the numerous ways God has inspired people to witness the existence of Heaven and pass on their experiences. The source of such information is Youtube.

I have thought from time to time about God’s purpose, especially with the last article I wrote and how Satan showed his hand by unplugging this computer while I was typing my piece. Had I known in advance what Satan would do, I would have been unnerved and probably rendered incapable.

Thanks to God I didn’t know in advance and by the time I did know I was shocked but unconcerned and capable of continuing. What surprised me, even more, was how God allowed Satan to show his hand when Satan would know this was. Futile on the grounds that God’s purpose and power would prevail over anything Satan desired.

The first time God allowed Satan to show his hand was during the period I was writing the manuscript for THE GOLDEN ROSE book, years earlier, especially regarding Annelise Michel and at this period I also learned for the first time that Satan was a mind controller, as evident by the actions of Annelise.  God’s purpose in giving us this education is obvious, as much of the world does not believe in the existence of the devil, even though his work is clearly visible as he adopts an invisible persona as a human being. Currently displaying himself and his work through the Communist regime of Russia, and the human being this time is the president of Russia and his many helpers. This is what happens when human beings reject God by their actions and imitate the Devil by their actions.  

Love your neighbour as yourself has demonstrated that no other country has gone to the aid of Ukraine against the bully boys. The excuse given is ‘fear’ of what the bully boys will do next. As before mentioned, the earth is out a temporary residence, with the time spent in proving to God that we are worthy of our permanent residence in HEAVEN WITH HIM. The alternative is an eternity in HELL WITH THE DEVIL WHO HATES US.

The great enticement offered human beings, especially those under Satan’s control. is power and riches, with never enough power and never enough riches, the very things that caused Satan’s eviction from Heaven. He had everything in paradise, but he wanted more, more, more, especially God’s power. Every waking moment we should thank God for giving us a choice. HIM or the DEVIL as our permanent home. HEAVEN or HELL.

Let us not forget why JESUS came on earth over two thousand years Ago. Just a little of what he said….”I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. Nobody can come to the FATHER except through ME”  Jesus advised all…. ”SEEK THE TRUTH”   Thus avoid injustice.

The Pharisee mindset is evident in all walks of life including every religion.  When we disregard what Jesus taught, we disregard Jesus who is the truth.

The Pharisees at the time of Christ were very good at avoiding truth. They thought they knew it all, that the truth was what they thought!  Result?  Injustice..  THE GREATEST INJUSTICE OF ALL WAS THE CRUCIFIXION AND DEATH OF JESUS, simply because he represented the truth, which Satan, master of liars. hated.  Not forgetting all the qualities Jesus possessed, which Satan also hated.

 Once again we are approaching the greatest event in the history of the world….THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS FROM THE DEAD, just three days after his crucifixion and death.  Celebrated on Easter Sunday.



RMF 20th March, 2022

PS. YOU MIGHT WONDER WHY God picked me to write this website, apart from my faith and trust in God.  My personal experience in life simply reinforces what is above written about the truth, as follows:

 I was a dental guinea pig for a number of years and certain happenings prompted me to complain to the Health Authority in charge of that particular Dental School. My written report was taken seriously, thanks to the late Margaret Thatcher, who also received a copy of the Report. To cut a long story short, I was satisfied with the outcome and could have continued to be a  DGP.  For certain reasons I ceased being a guinea pig when I realised the only person to benefit from my experience was myself, so I  decided to write them down for book publication. Having filled the waste disposal a few times. I decided to inject such dull subject matter with a comic element to make it readable and a page-turner, thinking the truth is not less the truth in the way it is told!   The Report mentioned, formed the core of the book and all names could have been legally mentioned. However, this was not going to be a revenge book, only nicknames would be used and the contents designed to inform guinea pigs and dental students no matter what dental school they attended.   Being made aware was more important than correct names. There was a market for such a book, probably the first such subject matter written about.

I lost count of the number of rejection letters I had to read, describing such subject matter as being non-commercial for a commercial publisher. I knew this was not true, but try as I might I was unable to find the truth about rejection. UNTIL one Sunday afternoon  I learned the truth in a Sunday supplement magazine when I began reading some snippets of information.  I must have thought… Dear Lord, Why didn’t you show this to me a little bit sooner! This is when I learned what non-commercial meant to a publisher. According to the magazine information, a publisher had to pulp thousands of copies of a book after somebody else popped up at the first print run and successfully claimed copyright. What a commercial shock for the poor publisher.  Yes, I was naïve. So why did I have to learn the truth from a magazine article? Why did not just one publisher tell me the truth?  What would the truth have looked like?  ‘Dear author, what would you do if somebody else tried to claim copyright of your work after publication?’ Answer….’I have protected copyright in anticipation of such an event’  During four rewrites I had protected copyright each time by posting a copy to myself by recorded delivery post and left it sealed and unopened.  I didn’t think anybody would want to plagiarize my experience! but it is not unknown for a literary agent or other to try to covet another person’s ideas or parts in a manuscript they could make use of and then accuse the genuine writer of plagiarizing.

I took the four copies to a law firm and asked them to list in a letter each copy and date as proof. Thus armed, I sent a copy of the letter to a mainstream publishing house, one that appeared most interested in the subject matter (if it was not for the commercial aspect!) I didn’t make a fuss and was diplomatic.  The shutters came down so fast and I found myself out in the cold for good!  What went wrong with my legally acceptable proof? Nothing at all. The wrong person was vindicated, that’s all! When I published the book myself and sent it for a review to a known family Newspaper who had days earlier published a full-page review for a celebrity, such book described by others as obscene, but they didn’t have room for mine. Not even when I sent the editor an article to promote the book in the same Newspaper; his return of post response indicated to me that he liked the article, but his letter was ‘cagey’. When he learned I had published the book myself, he obviously sought advice from their legal advisers, resulting in my article not seeing the light of day.  This was when I learned that the Pharisees had nobbled me! The Pharisees being lawyers!  The lawyers were not going to be embarrassed or accused of discrimination, hence the intended readers for the subject matter didn’t benefit from my experience as a DGP  I might add that a  book wholesaler was ready to take on my dental book for the market but told me that I first needed to have it reviewed (for publicity as publicity is the oxygen needed).

I learned that lawyers make the decisions in book publishing houses and newspaper publishing houses and they were the people who rejected me as the writer without saying a word or giving me the chance to defend my integrity. Nor was I given the benefit of the doubt, considering there would not be a book at all without the author, who just happened to be the writer too!  Now you know why Jesus advised ‘SEEK THE TRUTH’, because if you do not, the result is injustice.

My second book THE GOLDEN ROSE  ran into the same trouble, this time with Catholic publishers.  As written earlier, the Pharisees are everywhere! I was unable to get the self-published book reviewed, probably because it drew attention to my first book, THE PIG AND THE GENERAL.  Both books (slim volume) are in the British Library.

I might add that the catalyst for writing my second book was the image of Jesus in a rose photographed by my daughter in my late parents’ garden while we were on holiday.  (written about in the book).  Not everybody could see the image of Jesus in the rose, which forms the cover of the book. My late sister-in-law saw the face after she prayed to see it.

IF God needed somebody with experience to write on HIS WEBSITE, I would have qualified!  Anybody reading the website from the beginning will have learned how the old Pharisee the devil himself tried to stop the TRUTH from emerging!  The truth comes out in the end, as it usually does! WITH THE HELP OF GOD!