This Website started in 2012. For eight years God has made himself known to us through the website, as he clearly intended. Not only that, but we can also ask ourselves: Did God want to impart knowledge to BELIEVERS and NON BELIEVERS? I know the answer for me, you judge for yourself.
Some people have interesting experiences. Some years ago when I was in Church, a person handed me a blue card to read. The words on the card were written by John Henry Newman when he was alive many years ago. He is now known as Saint John Henry Newman. These are his words….”GOD HAS CREATED ME TO DO HIM SOME DEFINITE SERVICE. HE HAS COMMITTED SOME WORK TO ME, WHICH HE HAS NOT COMMITTED TO ANOTHER. I HAVE MY MISSION. I AM A LINK IN A CHAIN, A BOND OF CONNECTION BETWEEN PERSONS. I SHALL DO GOOD AND BE A PREACHER OF TRUTH IN MY OWN PLACE” At the time I wondered if the words applied to ME

I was seven years of age when I first prayed to God/talked to God. My mother Rose was about 34 years of age and had been given the last rites of the Catholic Church, as she was not expected to live. Feeling distraught I went out into the garden, looked up to Heaven, and asked God to leave my mother where she was needed most, on earth. God heard my prayer and responded. My mother recovered and lived to a ripe old age.
Only God knows how the Coronavirus (Covid-19) started: This is what I believe: The Coronavirus, was created in a laboratory by scientists under the mind control of Satan who also fed them the lie that the virus could be used to control people or threaten people with. Once the genie was let out of the bottle, all control was lost, with the result that the entire world suffered and suffers. The TRUTH comes out in the end, as it always does, and God knows the truth.

Earlier, in writing for this website, I wrote that only God could restrain Satan and when he didn’t do that the world suffered chastisement, which the world brought upon itself when it turned its back on God to serve Satan. We serve God’s enemy, Satan, when we ignore God. Not everybody ignores God, but a large percentage do, and this is manifest in the way they treat and abuse others and neglect any true connection with God.

What can we do to rid the world of this pernicious virus and have PEACE in the world? We could do what Our Lady, Jesus’ mother, Mary, has been urging us to do for many years, which is to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Everybody needs to pray, not just a few people.

There are people who will say that as God has the ultimate power, why does He not rid the world of Satan altogether? We will have to wait for Satan to be cast down to HELL for good by God. His power will be broken by knowledge, the knowledge imparted by God for all.
Somebody once said about Satan, that he was/is the greatest conman ever. He managed to convince much of the world that he doesn’t exist! Yet his work is so visible!

Satan has served, and is serving, a useful purpose in the world. HE SEPARATES THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF. Scripture tells us that at harvest time (biblical term for the end of the world) the chaff will be tossed into the fire. (This is the everlasting fire created by Satan for those who served /serve him while they were/are alive on earth). Satan’s main aim was to entice all God’s children into his hell. But, as I wrote earlier, GOD ‘SAVES’ PEOPLE FROM HELL.

This website started with “THE LORD’S PRAYER” A good way to start.
WE SHOULD NOT LET OURSELVES BECOME CHAFF. Start today, not tomorrow, to build a relationship with your Maker THE ONE TRUE, FORGIVING, LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE GOD.

The Power of Prayer is well known.
When the world recovers and the virus is no more, we can celebrate as we have never celebrated before. We can celebrate the KNOWLEDGE that we know WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE!

THANK YOU GOD, for the privilege of Service to you RMF. 22.03.2020.