The Children of God

“Are we all really children of God?”  asked a perplexed parishioner.

Potentially, yes. When a baby is baptised in the name of The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, this makes the child a child of God.  Depending on the child’s life span it will remain a child of God. When the child reaches the age of reason and develops free will and a conscience, this will determine the child’s/adult’s choices.  Free will and conscience is our passport to salvation or damnation. We should never forget the temptations of Satan who tries relentlessly to push us off the path of Christ and onto his path, to end up with him!  Not because he wants us, but because he does not want God to have us. Satan hates us, God loves us.  Satan has been very successful, using the power of the mind.

Can we blame Satan for our sins? No. God gave us a conscience and free will as weapons to resist the temptations of the devil. When we confess our sins, part of the prayer is…’THROUGH MY FAULT, THROUGH MY FAULT, THROUGH MY MOST GRIEVOUS FAULT’

THE TEMPTATION OF CHRIST took place when Jesus was in the desert for forty days and forty nights, with just the angels for company. The devil offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if he would serve him! Jesus told the devil, aka Satan, to be gone, that the Lord God only would be served.


It was human beings who did the work when Jesus was crucified and died so that our sins would be forgiven, while Satan pulled the strings as he hid behind human walls/human beings, thus disguising his role in the crucifixion.

JESUS CHRIST HAD FREE WILL, being a human being like the rest of us. The night before his arrest he prayed in the garden of Gethsemane …”Father if it is possible let this chalice pass from me, not MY WILL but THY WILL be done” Jesus knew what awaited him and willingly did his father’s will and died on the cross so that our sins would be forgiven. No greater love is this.  Jesus also died to give us the freedom to make our own choices.

THE RESURRECTION of Jesus on the third day was the greatest event in the history of the world and brought hope to the world, as it indicated that death was not the end but the beginning of eternal life.

The baptised person is free to stay on the narrow path that leads to God or take the wide path that leads to damnation.  However, we live in hope. Think of the Prodigal Son in scripture, who became a lost soul for many years until he came to his senses and returned to his biological father and to his heavenly father in sorrow and repentance, to be forgiven and welcomed home.


Many people never find their way back to God’s path. Think of those people who masterminded the holocaust that took place during the second World War when millions of people, including little children, were put to death in gas chambers.  Think of all the despotic regimes in the world, past and present, when innocent people disappeared, never to be seen again by their loved ones.

 When we deny the truth and forget too easily, the holocaust can find roots again in another. All around the world Christians and other faiths are being persecuted in horrible ways, but you do not read about this in the popular Press!! The Press see their role as one to entertain the masses not to inform the masses!

We vote politicians into power to protect the masses and not just the interests of the minuscule minority.  Every politician should be compelled to read the bible, especially the Gospels of  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The trouble with many politicians is that they want to appear ‘good’ while they are in fact ‘ungodly’   The gospel says that ‘by their fruits, they will be known’ not what they say but what they do!


Who do people go to when they need legal help? A rich man might find a good lawyer but a poor man could be wasting his money!  To find a lawyer who knows the difference between right and wrong could be likened to finding an oasis in the desert; the poor man could die of thirst before he found one!  GIVE UP!?

A car sticker on a US car read: “99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name” Shakespeare was even stronger when he wrote in one of his plays: “The first thing we must do is to kill all the lawyers” I don’t advocate killing anybody, but my sympathy rests with Shakespeare! Why was Shakespeare so upset? He learned, after much striving, what  lawyers were saying behind his back, in secret, which was… “Don’t take any notice of that man Shakespeare, he doesn’t do his own writing!” How did the lawyers know that Shakespeare did not do his own writing? They didn’t know; they just ‘thought’ they knew.   Fiction  can some times be fact that cannot be proved!

What you ‘think’  rather  than what you  ‘know’  can result in injustice!

INJUSTICE can,  and often does, result in demonstrations by peaceful people; such a situation can be infiltrated by violent people! A peaceful man will not invite in an evil spirit, a violent man will, by his actions!

When people in powerful positions lie, cheat and cover up the wrongdoing of others, they simply make it easy for dark forces in the world to do even greater mischief that will also affect them too and their children and grandchildren, as they head to the abyss.

Many people simply do not believe Satan exists; this is how Satan likes it as he operates better in the dark, with the help of his many human being servants!!  Serve Satan and he can claim your soul.  Serve  God and he will claim your soul.

LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL THINGS AND YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF. Not just our next door neighbours but our neighbours in other countries.

 The world has grown cold, selfish and incredibly wicked. Money can buy many souls and enable certain people to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing; the mantra being ME, ME, ME. My life, my body, my choice. Not everybody adopts such a mantra and we have to think of people who have their free will taken away from them!.   This happens when people are forced to do something they do not want to do.

IF IT IS TRUE  that our current UK government approached China for advice on how to deal with Covid-19, what would China have advised? What we have now got!  

TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN A COUNTRY, SATAN NEEDS THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN POWER;  Ideally in a country where the state does not reject satanic legislation, such as abortion and gay marriage etc. When this happens, anything can happen to the citizens, as you will soon learn from our neighbours!

I was not familiar with the lives of the people living in China. A few months ago I heard in a news outlet that the Communist Party in China had planted their red flag in God’s back garden, the moon!.  What audacity! I was led to believe they intend to rule the world from the moon!  Bully for them!  Satan’s way of taunting God. I imagine they will try to serve Papers on God to vacate Heaven on the grounds that he has been in Heaven for long enough and has not been paying any rent!  Well God needs a laugh too!   I can hardly wait for God to give Satan skates, downwards projection!

ASH WEDNESDAY.  17.02.2021

11.30am I was standing at the bus stop near my home waiting for the bus to take me to Mass at my local Church.  As I waited for the bus a young man and woman approached, wearing masks; they both looked to be Chinese. We exchanged greetings as they stood with me.  After a minute or two the woman gave me a leaflet to read. I told her I was going to Church but would read the leaflet when I got back home. The man then gave me another leaflet and I could read the heading on the leaflet clearly without putting on reading glasses. I nodded my understanding, saying firmly “quite right too” I would read the leaflet later and I put both leaflets into my handbag. The woman then gave me an attractive little symbol advertising what was on her leaflet. They would have realised that they had just met a kindred spirit!  Before we could exchange another word, the bus came along and we all three boarded the bus, observing social distancing! When I arrived at the Church, the young couple stayed on the bus while I got off.   I did not see them again after that, but I was not likely to forget them.

When I arrived back home from Mass, I shed my coat and sat down to read the leaflets. I was glad that I did not read the leaflets before I got home from Mass.  By the time I had read every word written and looked at the pictures provided, I was filled with ANGER, righteous anger as I realised that atrocities had been carried out for over twenty years in China, whilst the rest of the world bathed in apathy. If it had not been for my strong faith and trust in God and my firm belief that some people go straight to heaven when they die, I could have suffered mental problems.  I realised the encounter with the Chinese couple was not a coincidence. What else could it have been if not supernatural?!  with a person who would know what to do with the information handed over in the leaflets. This was not the type of leaflet for the door to door dropping or even a newspaper outlet. There was just one vehicle for sharing the contents of the leaflets and that vehicle was The Lord’s Prayer website, and I was/am the writer who would know what to do.  Obviously also what God wanted me to do.

Remember what I said at the beginning? This website was/is God’s idea. I am just a writer.

The following stories should tell you if this is the MAIN or REAL REASON God wanted his own website.  I know what I believe.  I hope other people share my belief.


I would gladly take a bullet to expose the following.

To do full justice to the information in the leaflets I will simply copy the words written by somebody else, so that you can read what I read, word for word:

First leaflet: Main points. (Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong)

“WHAT IS FALUN DAFA? Falun Dafa is a meditation practice that brings about serenity and a higher level of awareness while also greatly benefiting your physical well-being. Three core principles TRUTHFULNESS, COMPASSION, FORBEARANCE. Falun Dafa – praised the world over while still persecuted in China. What can you do to help? Share: Tell your family, friends and colleagues about what is happening in China. Sharing a photo, a quote, or a statistic will help more people become aware.  CONTACT YOUR MP:  Voice your concern about the persecution and forced organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Urge the UK government to legislate against transplant tourism. There is currently no law in the UK that prevents British Citizens travelling to China for transplant surgery. More than 40 MPs from all parties have calling  upon for the UK parliament to ban organ tourism to China. But more needs to be done! Such a ban has already been enacted by Italy, Spain, Israel and Taiwan”


“Every day in in over one hundred countries around the world, practitioners freely and peacefully practise  Falun Dafa for their own physical and spiritual well-being. Yet in one country, not only is the practise banned, but massive persecution rampantly takes place: CHINA. In the 1990s Falun Dafa became widely popular across China and was endorsed by the government. By 1999 one hundred million people were practising Falun Dafa. Such a large number of civil and kind individuals seeking self-improvement should naturally be seen in a positive light.  But that July, then Chinese Communist leader, JIANG ZEMIN, launched a violent campaign to  “stamp out” Falun Dafa, viewing the revival of traditional spiritual values as a competitor to the Communist Party’s atheist ideology and its popularity as a threat to his regime’s political control. Falun Dafa thereafter joined the long list of the Communist Party’s victims and millions of people’s lives were turned upside down


TORTURE, MURDER, AND ORGAN HARVESTING: For the last 20 YEARS. Falun Dafa practitioners have been illegally abducted, sent to forced labour camps, and even tortured to death, Mass state-run propaganda campaigns against Falun Dafa have dehumanised its practitioners, where only several years before the practice was promoted and heralded by the Chinese government as an exemplary practice of true, traditional, Chinese values. This campaign has led to prisons and hospitals forcibly extracting organs from healthy yet incarcerated Falun Dafa practitioners for sale and profit to fuel a booming organ transplant business in China.

In June, 2019 , in London,  an independent tribunal has unanimously concluded  that  CHINA IS A ‘CRIMINAL STATE’ which has committed crimes against humanity. Prisoners  of Conscience have been– and continue  be- killed for their organs on a significant scale, and that Falun Gong practitioners have been one – and probably the main – source of organ supply.


To learn more, visit

Leaflet 2. WHAT IS CCP (Chinese Communist Party)  “CCP is a Marxist-Leninist organisation, with totalitarian ideology. It seeks total control over the people’s lives” – US National Security Advisor Robert C O’Brien.

“CCP RELIES ON A TOXIC BREW OF LIES AND FEAR TO MAINTAIN POWER AND CONTROL OVER ITS PEOPLE  and this is why it has hidden the truth from the moment the virus first hit” – Tom Tugendhat, Chairman of UK Foreign Affairs Select Committee.

CCP has NEVER “STOPPED ATTEMPTING TO INFILTRATE OUR SYSTEMS OR COMPROMISE OUR INTELLIGENCE” and  “DOMINATE THE INFRACTURE on which our daily lives depend” – Demian Green MP, former First Secretary of State.

UK should “IMPOSE TARGETED MAGNISTSKY SANCTIONS ON CHINESE OFFICIALS RESPONSIBLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS in mainland China and Hong Kong” – Benedict Rogers, co-founder of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission.

The Chinese  Communist Party’s cover-up has led to the Pandemic that now kills people around the globe. Covering up the virus is only the tip of the iceberg. For decades, the CCP has been actively undermining the economies, national security and moral fabric of nations around the world. See-through the deception and keep yourself and your family truly informed.

 PETITION  (sign the petition)  REJECT THE CCP

“If the global system had insisted on transparency and accountability…we wouldn’t have this CORONAVIRUS now” David Matas, Human Rights Lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

The CCP is directly responsible for the current global pandemic that has caused a staggering death toll and the loss of businesses, jobs and income.  The Chinese communist regime destroyed virus samples, covered up the outbreak, refused to share information about the virus, blocked international medical experts from accessing information, did not stop international travel during the peak of the outbreak, and deprived the world of at least six critical weeks to get prepared. The number of infections could be reduced by 95% had the CCP acted sooner.

CRUSHING HONG KONG DEMOCRACY;  In 2019  the HONG Kong government’s amendments to the controversial extradition bill sparked protests, which met with pepper spray, smoke bombs, bag bullets, rubber bullets from the police. A year later, the CCP imposed  a National Security Law on Hong Kong. Its Article 38 states that the  law is applicable to every individual, including those outside of and not from Hong Kong. The Law destroys Hong Kong’s autonomy and proves that the CCP’s commitments to the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration and the basic law are empty words.

INFILTRATION AND UNDERMINING OTHER NATIONS:   For decades the CCP has infiltrated not only international organisations but also institutions of countries around the world, including universities, news media and governing  bodies, undermining economies, national security and moral fabric of these nations.   “What the CCP does, which is a very deliberate strategy carefully worked out and widely practised, is to use the institutions of democracy, such as the free press, free association, elections and so on, to increase the power of a foreign nation over the sovereign decision making of other countries”  Clive Hamilton, co-author of HIDDEN HAND. 

PERSECUTION OF FALUN GONG.   In July 1999, the CCP launched the campaign against 100 million Falun Gong practitioners. Police raided homes, confiscating valuables, destroying Falun Gong materials, and hauling people away to detention centres or forced labour camps.   Millions of innocent people have been fired from their jobs, expelled from school, jailed, tortured, or killed simply for practising Falun Gong and believing in its teaching of TRUTHFULNESS, COMPASSION AND TOLERANCE.

SUPPRESSION OF FAITH GROUPS:  As an advocator of Atheism and Marxism, the Chinese Communist Party has destroyed 90 percent of temples and churches in China,  and has severely persecuted millions of believers of all faiths in China, including  Christians, Buddhists, Falun Gong practitioners and more. The CCP has demanded loyalty to the officially atheist party and has tried to eliminate any challenge to its power over people’s lives.   The  Communist Party considers a true theistic belief as a threat to the legitimacy of the communist regime.

CULTURAL REVOLUTION:    Between 1966 to 1976, the CCP’s then head Mao initiated the Cultural Revolution. His Red Guards were indoctrinated with a mission to “destroy the old world” and “establish a new world”. All things traditional or capitalistic were targeted for destruction, including the Four Olds (Old customs, Old Culture, Old Habits and Old Ideas)  They Executed, tortured, or publicly humiliated the “enemies of communism” who could be their neighbours, teachers, or even beloved parents. This ten-year political havoc wrecked the life of the whole nation. Millions died and traditional values and independent thinking abandoned.


In June 1989, university students in China held peaceful demonstrations in Tiananmen Square in support of democracy. THEY DID SO BELIEVING THE CCP WAS SHOWING SIGNS OF OPENNESS AND THEY WOULD NOT BE IN DANGER.  In return, they were greeted with guns, troops and tanks, crushing the young lives and staining the square with blood. The CCP claimed, “nobody was killed in the action” However,  Alan Donald, the then British Ambassador to China was informed by a source within the CCP regime that at least 10,000 people were killed during the Massacre.

400 MILLION BABIES KILLED. From 1979 to 2015, the CCP imposed one-child policy on families in China. Four hundred million births were  “ prevented” In other words, four hundred million babies were killed before they were born.

HERE ARE SOME SLOGANS AND THREATS THAT WERE PAINTED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY:  (a) If one family dares to have more than one child, the whole village will be sterilised (Yunnan province)  (b) Better to have ten new graves than one more child  (Anhui Province)  (c) If you do not follow the one child policy you will watch your family being ruined. (Hunan Province))

“FORCED ORGAN HARVESTING. Forced organ harvesting from  prisoners of conscience, including the religious and ethnic minorities of Falun Gong and Uighurs has been committed for years throughout China on a significant scale”  Senior  lawyer Hamid Sabi told the UN.


Sir Jeffrey Nice, chair of the China Tribunal, said no evidence the practice having been stopped.

RMF COMMENT:  In the second leaflet there was also a harrowing picture of a young girl lying on an operating table while three people, including the surgeon, held her down.  Blood flowed on her chest as the surgeon held her heart in his hands as she screamed, suggesting that they had not even used an anaesthetic before the operation. To get the patient on the table, she would have been told that she had a little problem that only the surgeon could deal with! Countless numbers have suffered this horror over many years; living in constant fear that any day of the week they would be called out to deceptively be given such organ removal.

As written earlier, SATAN’S CRUELTY KNOWS NO LIMIT and he hides behind human walls, within human beings who serve him.   No compassion, no heart, no soul, just hatred for God and for those who serve Him in thought, word and deed. The three values expressed of COMPASSION, TRUTHFULNESS, FOREBEARANCE, values of Jesus Christ, made the people victims of the horrible fate that awaited them when the new SATANIC GOVERNMENT was formed in 1999.


AS WE APPROACH EASTER SUNDAY, we can remember how SATAN’S SERVANTS viciously flogged   Jesus Christ until his blood flowed to the ground;  viciously pushed a crown of thorns into his head until blood flowed down his face; and then  put a heavy cross on his very weakened frame that he had to carry to the crucifixion site, falling three times on the way, where they hammered nails into his hands and feet and left him hanging on the cross until he died after three hours.   Hanging on the cross, Jesus looked up to heaven and said   “FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO” Jesus knew Satan was hiding within his servants who did the work. (No apologies for repeating).

 Shortly, we will be able to celebrate THE GLORIOUS RESURRECTION OF JESUS on the third day, bringing hope to the world, and showing us that death was not the end but the beginning of eternal life where only love dwells IF WE GET TO HEAVEN.


RMF 28.02.2021.