2022 Sequel

I am writing this as a follow up to what was written for Christmas, 2021.

Now that I have got over the shock of how Satan tried to thwart the WILL OF GOD, by unplugging this computer while I was busy writing my piece on God’s behalf, as described,  you might be wondering why God wanted me to have such experience: God knows everything, including everything about the Devil. He wanted me to know what he knew so that I could write about it, THE TRUTH.  The truth is not less the truth in the way it is written!

The first Sequel records how this Website started.

The double Sequel records the Devil’s reaction to the website.

The recent reaction shows how desperate Satan had become to stop the knowledge from getting out.

As before written, Satan is running out of time reigning on the earth, and he wants to take souls away from God. So desperate has he become that he is now very in your face, with so many murders being committed and other violent acts, including rumblings of war. Not only that, but groups are forming with the title Satanic, designed to infiltrate places where the young congregate, like schools, universities, etc Yes, Satan’s intentions are focused on the young, to take them on to the broad road which leads them to what they think will be good and beneficial but which ultimately leads to the loss of their souls. As Jesus said…’What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his soul’   However much power or riches a man has, he is nothing without the grace of God.  The only thing to be taken into eternal life is the soul. Guard your riches, guard your soul!

At this stage you might be wondering if the despotic Satan is happy with the writer giving him a ‘Bad Press’  To put it simply,  he sent me his very own Covid Virus. After feeling as if I had flu or a chest infection,  I tested positive for Covid on 6th January, spent the required ten days isolation, before I had a second test to show I was negative and no worse from the experience, which just goes to show you THAT GOD IS STILL IN CHARGE! Not forgetting the inner ear shingles virus Satan gave me in 2015, which is present to this day and becomes manifest at regular intervals especially when I am praying but it does not stop me praying!   YES, GOD IS STILL IN CHARGE!

I have no doubt whatsoever that SATAN himself, by his own actions and with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT has authenticated this website.

JESUS’ MOTHER MARY has the answer to defeat Satan; PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Pray the Holy Rosary every day. If man can go to the moon, you can surely get help in saying the rosary, that is, those who have yet to learn.


RMF 20.01.2022