The Holy Spirit

Moving in the Spirit

I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, said Jesus Christ when he was on earth over two thousand years ago.

LIES have dominated the media both sides of the Atlantic in recent months. Currently about President Donald Trump and his family. Mr Trump must know by now who his ‘fair weather’ friends are. They dine at his table on Monday and call for his head on a platter on Tuesday!

Some people forget that God gave mankind a conscience and free will, their passport to salvation or damnation.  This means each person is responsible for his/her actions  and cannot blame their actions on somebody else.

A peaceful demonstration started over what decent people saw as injustice in the election process. Later it was hardly a surprise when a violent faction was planted, so that dark forces could blame the big bad wolf, Donald Trump! Typical with dark forces!!

Not knowing Mr Trump personally, I can only observe him from afar, across the pond.  I think he is a strong person mentally and not one to be manipulated by anybody with ungodly intentions; he believes in God and his beliefs are not ungodly; he is not perfect, none of us are. He is against the elimination of the unborn through abortion and I was surprised to learn that he is not a Catholic.

 I am thinking of the biblical Saul who, on his way to Damascus, heard the voice of Jesus asking “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” Saul stopped in astonishment ….‘Who are you?’ Jesus answered “I am the crucified Christ” to which Saul replied   ‘What do you want me to do?’ Jesus told him to proceed to Damascus and he would find out.   Saul had been persecuting the Christians. Subsequently Saul’s name was changed to Paul. Peter and Paul are, as Christians know, the main Pillars in the Catholic Church, their feast day being the 29th June. If God could convert the sinner Saul to work for him, he could convert anybody else to work for him, including Donald Trump!

ST PETER and ST PAUL:  St Peter, as I wrote earlier, was crucified upside down. St Paul was initially stoned and later beheaded. Jesus taught that those who lose their lives for his sake, save it.

Dark forces in the USA do not want Donald Trump as President.  No doubt a great many thinking people know WHY already. For those who might be confused I will have an answer shortly. 

FIRST: Many prayers and recitations of the Holy Rosary were said for the good of the USA, which included Mr Trump as the ongoing President. Most people know what happened to thwart the just outcome of the election. People should not despair and think their prayers were not heard. Every prayer was heard by God and our Holy Mother Mary. Prayers are not always answered in the way we would want or expect because GOD’S PLANS ARE DIFFERENT TO OURS, AS YOU WILL SHORTLY COME TO UNDERSTAND.

I started off writing for this website in 2012. On that section depicting Jesus on a cross.  Upon reading that particular section I wrote, with the help of The Holy Spirit, as usual, and indicating that  SATAN TARGETS THE SEAT OF POWER WHERE MOST HARM IS DONE TO BOTH  GOD AND MANKIND, THROUGH SATANIC LEGISLATION, WHICH INCLUDES THE ELIMINATION OF THE UNBORN, THROUGH ABORTION. Do you get the picture of why Satan wants to get rid of Mr Trump in the seat of power? and who is against abortion and was not even President in 2012!

Added to that is the fact that the Chinese state also hates Mr Trump because he is a thorn in their flesh and an obstacle to their ambitions to dominate the world in an ungodly fashion. This is the Chinese state that is doing to the Uigher Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews. The  Muslims in China have been deprived of their free will, and God knows what else. Reminiscent of what happened to the Jews and others during the second world war, when they were incarcerated in camps and secretly killed in a most horrible way during the Nazi reign of terror under Satan’s Hitler. Most people know how Hitler died. He shot himself when the game was up, blew himself straight into hell. His reward for serving Satan? Total despair and torment in hell for all eternity. No doubt other evil people in the Nazi Party joined him when their time was up. Who wants to join Hitler? The Chinese state? AND OTHERS?! Make no mistake, HELL IS A REAL PLACE. Those souls in hell did not believe hell existed, until they got there!


THE GREATEST COUP FOR SATAN was his infiltration of the Catholic Church. Some people say this took about a hundred years to achieve. Satan knows how to get a man under his power; first get him to compromise himself! Think of paedophile Priests! Homosexual activities etc.

 The hierarchy in the Church have come under a great deal of fire recently.  In the interests of keeping an open mind and giving people the benefit of the doubt, I have often wondered if some of the hierarchy had given their free will to God for a reason only known to God! I would like to think the answer is ‘yes’. I mention this as I remember the young girl Anneliese Michel who gave her free will to God, and what happened to her. The story of Anneliese is in the book entitled THE GOLDEN ROSE.

This brings me to Covid 19, as explained last year under the heading CHASTISEMENT, posted on the 25th March, 2020 This is a very cruel and satanic virus and prayer is essential, especially The Holy Rosary as Satan hates the rosary. This method of dealing with the virus is hardly expensive!

I would like to see our UK Prime Minster, Boris Johnson, stand up in that three for one Podium he uses and tell the citizens to pray the Holy Rosary before the country goes bankrupt!  If it has not reached that stage already!


When I wrote my last piece for this website in September, 2020,  I thought that I had finished writing on God’s behalf. I was obviously wrong! I never know what God has in the pipeline! Just as those people who pray for something never know what God has in store for them.

I have asked myself the question: Why did God give ME the job of writing for him?  I don’t consider myself perfect, but I do try!  God is not like us humans on earth. He is not elitist, sexist or ageist. He is humble and he wants us to be humble. Humility is helpful when you know God is your employer! Other requirements needed: FAITH IN GOD AND FAITH IN ONESELF, both being gifts from God. I was given the gift of faith when I was seven years of age; my mother had been ill and I prayed to God for her recovery, which did happen. Talent is also a gift from God.

Appropriate education is helpful too, as I could hardly expect God to help me win the lottery if I had not bought a ticket!.


RMF 15.01.2021

The Church of Jesus Christ


LORD be my guide.

The roots of the Christian Catholic Church were planted in the third century when Jesus Christ said to his apostle Peter: “You are Peter and on the rock, I will build my Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it”  Peter was the first Pope and he later died a painful death when he was crucified upside down.  JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUE HEAD OF HIS CHURCH.

God never changes. Satan Never changes. Human nature never changes.

When Jesus was arrested, his apostles ran away and abandoned him, through fear. All except John who stood at the foot of the cross with Jesus’ mother Mary.  

Pilate had the job of imposing sentence on Jesus, an innocent man, but he did not want the responsibility, so he passed Jesus to Herod who also did not want to take responsibility, so sent Jesus back before Pilate. Pilate wanted to be popular with the baying mob, so Jesus was passed to the baying mob who ranted loudly….  “Crucify him, Crucify him” while they were happy for a murderer to be released instead. The THIRD CENTURY echoed in the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY!

Now into the twenty-first century, Jesus has been abandoned again as his flock has scattered to the four winds, again mostly through fear and indifference. As the gates of hell work relentlessly to prevail against Jesus’ Church.

God gave us the weapon of conscience and free will.  Jesus’ mother Mary gave us the weapon of the Holy Rosary, which Satan hates. With these weapons, Jesus’ flock can be rounded up again, but they need shepherding.

Shepherding comes from within Jesus’ Church, but sadly the shepherds have also abandoned Jesus and his teaching.  This is the reason Our Lady wants us to use her weapon of the Holy Rosary, to be said daily.  We could start praying for peace and new shepherding from within Jesus’ Church on earth.

With the weapon of the Holy Rosary, Satan’s power will be crushed and that is why he hates Our Lady’s Holy Rosary.

APOSTASY: God knows when these roots were planted.

To the reader who does not understand this word:  Apostasy means when Satan’s work is not recognised by certain of the Clergy in Jesus’ Church, and Satan succeeds as a result. Alternatively, they do recognise Satan’s machinations but lack the grace of God and the strength and the will to fight back on behalf of their flock.  Fear also plays a big part in their attitude. They could pray to the Holy Spirit for strength and the abolition of fear, just as the Holy Spirit helped Jesus’ apostles in the third century while they waited in the upper room for the descent of the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus promised them. The Holy Spirit helped the apostles to become strong and fearless, so do not dismiss the power of the Holy Spirit. We need to remember that Satan has an army of Unholy Spirits at his command, so we need the power of the Holy Spirit to fight back, with the weapon of the Holy Rosary.

Apostasy manifests itself in: SECRECY, assisted by arrogance, lack of true faith, lack of humility, disrespect towards the real head of the Church, disobedience to Jesus and not observing what Jesus taught, as recorded in the gospels, ingratitude. Wrap this up in the eyes! Turning a blind eye to wrongdoing just to be popular, as Pilate did!

Jesus had no secrets and he called his apostles his friends, saying he told them all his father had told him.  Not all Clergy can be accused of betrayal. Jesus knows who his friends are and how their only ambition is to serve God and not mammon.  Scripture tells us that we cannot serve God and mammon.  The Clergy need our prayers. All need our prayers, including our Holy Father. It should be remembered that Jesus forgave his apostles for abandoning him and they reunited after his resurrection. Jesus knew better than anybody how Satan can instil fear. The apostles became stronger and fearless after the Holy Spirit descended upon them shortly after Jesus ascended into Heaven.  He will also forgive those who have abandoned him in the twenty-first century if we ask for his forgiveness, as God’s mercy is greater than our sins.   As for deceiving God, he sees and knows everything.

The one best served by secrecy is Satan. Subtle Satan!  Why was the third secret of Fatima not made known to the people by the Church, as Our Lady intended?  God knows the answer.

SATAN HAS HIS OWN WORKERS ON EARTH. We can see this by the violence and killings; lies to cover up the truth, again and again. Jesus words “I am the way the truth and the life” When Pilate was told what Jesus said, he replied, “what is truth?”  A lawyer would have said…  ‘truth is what you think, not what you know’.  The baying mob THOUGHT they KNEW all about the SON OF GOD. What they did not know they did not want to know!  Such is the power of Satan’s mind control. If Jesus came on earth today, how would he fit in? Very well indeed provided he did not mention the word TRUTH, because then he would be cancelled.  Modern-day word to crucify a person who dares to speak the truth, as Jesus did.

It cannot be said too often:   No matter what our status is, we are nothing without the grace of God.

Our own Free Will should not be confused with God’s Will. We should not blame God when bad things happen.

Satan is strong and clever; he hides within human walls; within people who lack the grace of God. Satan and his evil spirits cannot take over a human being without that person’s permission; such permission is given when we ignore our conscience and give our free will to him, in ignorance. Ignorance is no excuse.  No apologies for repeating….  God gave us the weapon of conscience and free will to guard us against Satan’s machinations. Satan is despotic; he is Greedy.  Greed is the main ingredient in Satan’s stew.  His cruelty knows no bounds; he wants to keep people in the dark where he lives with impunity.  Above all, HE WANTS TO KEEP US OUT OF GOD’S HOUSE, the Church. To date, he is succeeding very well indeed, thanks to his mind control.

Those who think they do not need God, delude themselves.

Another SECRET not known until NOW concerns a book written some years ago and published in 2007 and reprinted in 2008 with a sequel. Being alive and as a witness to the truth I can write this with authority.

This concerns the book with the title THE GOLDEN ROSE. What the book cover would look like was the first thing I pictured in my mind before writing anything, and this remains the same today.   My intention was to write a faith sharing booklet, to be sold in Church outlets with financial benefit to the Church. To be honest, I was taking a shot in the dark because I had no idea how this would be accepted. THEN SOMETHING STRANGE HAPPENED.

With the passage of time, the subject matter changed.  I came to realise and believe that I was not the author, but just the writer!  This is explained in the book. The book ended up as a revelation concerning the apparition which took place at the Knock Marian Shrine in 1879.  Knock is in Co, Mayo, Ireland.

There is a chapter in the book about the demon and how he took possession of a human being and the result of this.  Satan would have been pleased when the chapter exposing his methods, were kept hidden. The truth contained in the book was suppressed at Knock, by the Church. This remains unchanged over twelve years later.

Written In the published book is the visit I made to the Apparition Chapel where a plaque on the wall depicted the head of Jesus with a crown of thorns, his face creased up in pain.  The picture is also on this website (2015)  Mysteriously the plaque disappeared from the wall in the Apparition Chapel, not to be seen again in my annual visits to the shrine, although I checked every nook and cranny looking for it, to no avail.  As the plaque was written about in the published book, the fact that it was no longer to be seen by visitors to the site, would, I believed,  and believe, have undermined the book itself, considering also that a picture of the plaque was/is also in the book sequel, which could have suggested to some that the picture could have been taken any place in the world, not necessarily Knock. Dark forces were evident!

This is where I need to give credit to God: One day in Church a parishioner handed me a card to read. The words on the card were written by a person called Fr Donald MacLean. The card depicted the smiling face of Jesus, his right hand raised up in greeting and his left hand pointing to his heart. These are the words on the card…. “My Jesus I am alive. You are alive. You are My Lord and My God. I give myself to you – RIGHT NOW! I will do anything you want because YOU want it! FILL ME WITH YOUR HOLY SPIRIT and help me to help others – TODAY!”  On reading these words, I felt that Jesus was sending me a message, but I did not know what the message was. I put the card in my prayer book and the following day in Church I took the card out again to read it.  Suddenly I realised what the message was. Jesus wanted me to do something I wished I had thought of myself!   He wanted me to take all the photographs I took when I visited the Knock Marian Shrine in 2006 and give them to the Parish Priest, who should, in turn, give them to his Bishop. Why did Jesus want me to do that? Evidence. The photographs (and negatives) taken by a small box camera showed clearly that the photo of the Plaque was taken in the Apparition Chapel at the Knock Shrine.  As required, I handed the evidence to the Parish Priest, making sure he understood the reason.  Nothing positive resulted. This was the current Parish Priest because the Priest I met briefly in 2006 had passed away.

Subsequently, in my Will I left the copyright of the book to the Knock Shrine, plus the offer in a letter and making it clear how the proceeds were to be shared with three other charities, nothing at all to the writer, who did not write the book to make money.  Nothing positive resulted.

Every time I wrote something on God’s behalf (and  I had evidence to support something I had written) I gave a copy to my Parish Priest, who should, in turn, send it to his Bishop. There was never any feedback! I had to but trust in the Church that important information and evidence would be respected.  For clarity, I also dated everything I wrote.  I did not think any disrespect was intended regarding the lack of communication. The mystery was more likely to dominate!

 When I started writing this website on God’s behalf in 2012, I did not look to the Church for help, as I felt that the only guidance I could trust would come from the true Head of the Church, Jesus Christ.  Trust in the Lord has its own reward!

 There is 168 hours in a week. All God ever asked of us is to keep Holy the Sabbath Day.  One hour to spend in God’s house to celebrate and witness the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS

 When the time comes and we are unable to leave our homes for various reasons, who wants regrets of golden opportunities lost.  Jesus’ flock, who have abandoned his Church, can come back into the fold with the help of Our Lady’s Holy Rosary, said daily. Help is available, within the Church, to those who would like to take part in the Rosary Crusade.


Once again, thank you God for the privilege of service to you.

RMF 27.09.2020


This Website started in 2012. For eight years God has made himself known to us through the website, as he clearly intended. Not only that, but we can also ask ourselves: Did God want to impart knowledge to BELIEVERS and NON BELIEVERS? I know the answer for me, you judge for yourself.
Some people have interesting experiences. Some years ago when I was in Church, a person handed me a blue card to read. The words on the card were written by John Henry Newman when he was alive many years ago. He is now known as Saint John Henry Newman. These are his words….”GOD HAS CREATED ME TO DO HIM SOME DEFINITE SERVICE. HE HAS COMMITTED SOME WORK TO ME, WHICH HE HAS NOT COMMITTED TO ANOTHER. I HAVE MY MISSION. I AM A LINK IN A CHAIN, A BOND OF CONNECTION BETWEEN PERSONS. I SHALL DO GOOD AND BE A PREACHER OF TRUTH IN MY OWN PLACE” At the time I wondered if the words applied to ME

I was seven years of age when I first prayed to God/talked to God. My mother Rose was about 34 years of age and had been given the last rites of the Catholic Church, as she was not expected to live. Feeling distraught I went out into the garden, looked up to Heaven, and asked God to leave my mother where she was needed most, on earth. God heard my prayer and responded. My mother recovered and lived to a ripe old age.
Only God knows how the Coronavirus (Covid-19) started: This is what I believe: The Coronavirus, was created in a laboratory by scientists under the mind control of Satan who also fed them the lie that the virus could be used to control people or threaten people with. Once the genie was let out of the bottle, all control was lost, with the result that the entire world suffered and suffers. The TRUTH comes out in the end, as it always does, and God knows the truth.

Earlier, in writing for this website, I wrote that only God could restrain Satan and when he didn’t do that the world suffered chastisement, which the world brought upon itself when it turned its back on God to serve Satan. We serve God’s enemy, Satan, when we ignore God. Not everybody ignores God, but a large percentage do, and this is manifest in the way they treat and abuse others and neglect any true connection with God.

What can we do to rid the world of this pernicious virus and have PEACE in the world? We could do what Our Lady, Jesus’ mother, Mary, has been urging us to do for many years, which is to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Everybody needs to pray, not just a few people.

There are people who will say that as God has the ultimate power, why does He not rid the world of Satan altogether? We will have to wait for Satan to be cast down to HELL for good by God. His power will be broken by knowledge, the knowledge imparted by God for all.
Somebody once said about Satan, that he was/is the greatest conman ever. He managed to convince much of the world that he doesn’t exist! Yet his work is so visible!

Satan has served, and is serving, a useful purpose in the world. HE SEPARATES THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF. Scripture tells us that at harvest time (biblical term for the end of the world) the chaff will be tossed into the fire. (This is the everlasting fire created by Satan for those who served /serve him while they were/are alive on earth). Satan’s main aim was to entice all God’s children into his hell. But, as I wrote earlier, GOD ‘SAVES’ PEOPLE FROM HELL.

This website started with “THE LORD’S PRAYER” A good way to start.
WE SHOULD NOT LET OURSELVES BECOME CHAFF. Start today, not tomorrow, to build a relationship with your Maker THE ONE TRUE, FORGIVING, LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE GOD.

The Power of Prayer is well known.
When the world recovers and the virus is no more, we can celebrate as we have never celebrated before. We can celebrate the KNOWLEDGE that we know WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE!

THANK YOU GOD, for the privilege of Service to you RMF. 22.03.2020.