Christmas 2021

In February/March, 2022 it will be ten years since I started writing this website, under THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST.

Very shortly we will celebrate the first greatest event in the history of the world… THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST; the second greatest event being THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS and the third greatest event will herald the return of JESUS AT THE END OF THE WORLD.

Only God knows when the end will come.  While we wait, the end comes for many souls every hour of the day.

In August this year, I wrote under the heading THE GREAT TEST.   In the fall of Adam and Eve,  we human beings have to serve our apprenticeship on earth to prove to God we are worthy of eternal life with Him in Heaven. it makes sense to think and believe we are being tested. Not just by God but also by Satan. Hence, God gave us a conscience and free will, so that we could decide what path we took for salvation or damnation.

GOD DOES NOT TAKE PRISONERS. SATAN DOES TAKE PRISONERS. This is manifest in the way millions of people throughout the world are incarcerated in prisons and camps against their will, for simply having Christian values!  Not just Christian values but any values relating to God. The servants of Satan keep such prisons and camps in a state of fear and constant suffering. Think of what it was like for the Jews during the war.  Think of what it is like in present-day China for the FALIN DAFFA/FALUN GONG for simply practising innocent exercises,  as written about under the recent heading THE CHILDREN OF GOD.  Not forgetting the suffering of the Uyghur Muslims, also in China’s concentration camps.

To mock God, Satan needs world governments in his power; he only needs to manipulate the right people, such people also having a great aversion to the truth.  Charisma comes to mind.  Drug dealers are good with this and many politicians. Drug dealers are all charm until they get their way and merciless when they don’t.

I have heard comments about faraway countries, like….’it is their country, not ours, they can do what they want’……Their country, our neighbours!! Putting ourselves in another person’s shoes!

As before mentioned, Satan’s many servants helped him bestow upon the world the Covid 19 disease, a deadly and horrible disease, but only deadly some of the time.   Untested vaccines are used continually, with more and more booster jabs recommended as the variant changes to something even worse. In short, Satan is playing with humanity. I know this is difficult for many to believe, especially people who do not believe in God or the devil. This is why Satan is so successful, he operates in the dark, unseen.  Only the results are seen, in the form of dead people here and there, such as those of all ages and genders being murdered.  Not to mention the wars endured.

Without apology, I can say again that only God can restrain Satan. And when he does not do so, the world suffers chastisement, which the world brings upon itself by turning its back on GOD and our own salvation JESUS DIED FOR. Jesus died to set us FREE to make our own choices; he also died so that our sins would be forgiven, but not for so many to eliminate HIM altogether!.

Remember, when Jesus was here on earth he cured all kinds of diseases; he gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf.  Jesus did not use ‘vaccine’, he simply laid His hands-on people and told them their faith had made them whole.  Yes. FAITH can move mountains!  At the time of Christ,  people loved Jesus, they trusted him and they believed in him. So why did such a good man have to die so horribly at the hands of Satan’s servants?  The good news is that Jesus did not have to die as Satan did not have such power. No, Jesus willingly died so that our sins would be forgiven. He used his own body to demonstrate what Satan’s servants were capable of doing to an innocent and good person.   Best of all, Jesus demonstrated his resurrection from the dead on the third day after his death, so that we would learn that death was not the end but the beginning of eternal life in HEAVEN, WHICH IS THE REAL LIFE, NOT THE BLINK OF AN EYE WE EXPERIENCE ON EARTH!

Satan is coming to the end of his reign on earth and that is why he is so aggressive now. Scripture tells us that when Jesus died on the cross, he descended into Hell. Why?. God knows the answer. I believe Jesus went to hell to put Satan under notice, and now the notice is running out. By the time Satan is cast down into hell again, he will have separated the wheat from the chaff.

Remember what I wrote earlier:  Most Christians know this already. At harvest time (the end of the world) the chaff will be tied up and cast onto the fire (hell), the wheat is gathered into the barn (heaven).

Having reached this far, you might be wondering if any of Satan’s servants are reading this website. Only God knows the answer to that. I believe that Satan, being a mind controller, will prevent them from reading anything with GOD’S NAME on it.

Jesus’ mother Mary has urged us many times to pray THE  ROSARY,  this is the best ‘vaccine’ of all.      THE rosary brings back the JOYFUL, SORROWFUL, GLORIOUS and  LIGHT MYSTERIES, and Satan hates this remembrance.

Before I conclude, I have to say this section of Our Lord’s website, has been a struggle, not in the writing, but in getting it started and finished. At first, I had much trouble getting the computer to work and then it went completely off, mysteriously.  My daughter had given me the computer a few years ago after she bought a new one for herself. I decided to wait for her to visit and ask her to look at the computer for me. The day arrived, Sunday, and when she looked at the computer she announced that it had been unplugged at the extension lead but was switched on at the main wall switch. She plugged it back into the extension lead and, he presto, it was working again, hence you are reading this.  I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I remained silent. The mystery remains but it looks to me as if the old devil was working, unseen and in secret again! Was I scared at the thought? No, he is the one scared of me!  I certainly did not unplug my own computer while still writing on it!


IT IS ONLY RIGHT FOR ME TO END BY THANKING THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR CHASING THE EVIL ONE AWAY. To me, the Holy Spirit is what joins God the Father and God the Son together.



RMF  20.12.2021

Also don’t forget that when JESUS was on earth, he cured many people of all kinds of diseases and cast out many evil spirits from people. Jesus didn’t need any vaccine or drugs to cure people. He told people their faith in him cured them.  JESUS SIMPLY LAID HIS HANDS ON THEM.

HOW DID EVIL SPIRITS ENTER THE LIVING? This happens when people ignore their GOD-GIVEN CONSCIENCE AND GIVE THEIR FREE WILL TO SATAN (in ignorance). An evil spirit cannot enter a human being without permission from such a person, the one who ignores conscience.

The reader will know by now why CONSCIENCE AND FREE WILL is our passport to SALVATION or DAMNATION.

Why did such a good man like JESUS HAVE TO DIE SO CRUELLY at the hands of Satan’s servants?

JESUS DIDN’T HAVE TO DIE. He gave his life willingly so that our sins would be forgiven. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead on the third day demonstrated that death was not the end but the beginning of eternal life, which is real life and not the blink of an eye we experience on earth when we serve our apprenticeship.  Life on earth is nothing when compared to eternity.

Don’t forget, pray the Rosary every day and OUR LADY will assist you.